Designed with comfort and precision in mind.

Hall® MicroFree® Cordless Small Bone Power System features cordless, battery-powered, pencil-grip instruments for small bone applications that are designed to provide the freedom of a cordless device while delivering the power surgeons need. The cordless design eliminates the inconvenience of cords and awkward hand positioning, allowing for improved maneuverability. This also may reduce the potential risk contributing to SSIs, caused by unsecured power cords compromising the sterile field.

These well-balanced ergonomic handpieces are designed to feel and work comfortably in surgeons’ hands.1 They come in a surgeon-preferred pencil-grip design which helps provide precise cutting. The pencil-grip design is ideal for tight anatomical spaces and is engineered to enable maneuverability, precision placement, and improved line of sight that can be challenging with a pistol-grip handpiece.

High-performance Lithium-ion Technology provides the torque, power, and performance surgeons need within a battery-powered device. UL-approved hermetically sealed power units allow the entire system to be sterilized together in the same tray as the handpieces and attachments.2 They’re IPX 6, IPX 8, IPX 9 rated, so they’re protected from moisture intrusion and fully autoclavable. Autoclavable batteries eliminate the need for “blue wrap” and the need for more expensive STERRAD battery sterilization.

Like most Hall® systems, MicroFree® is designed to be both backward and forward compatible – delivering greater long-term value for your investment. Also, a MicroFree® Wire Driver is available. This combines the comfort and precision of a pencil-grip handpiece with cordless freedom of motion.

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  • Product Specifications

    Small Bone Handpiece


    CAT# PRO8250SB

    Wire/Pin Driver

    Hall® MicroFree® Wire Driver

    CAT # PRO8600SB

    Hall® MicroFree™ Handpieces

    Hall® MicroFree® High Speed Drill

    CAT # PRO8000SB

    Small Bone Handpiece

    Hall® MicroFree® Medium Speed Drill

    CAT # PRO8100SB

    Hall® MicroFree® Sagittal Saw

    CAT # PRO8200SB

    Hall® MicroFree® Oscillating Saw

    CAT # PRO8300SB

    Hall® MicroFree® Reciprocating Saw

    CAT # PRO8400SB

    Hall® MicroFree® Mini-Driver

    CAT # PRO8500SB


    Hall® MicroFree® Lithium Battery

    CAT # L3500SB

    Hall® MicroFree® Battery Adapter

    CAT # L3500

    1/2 Size Small Bone Insert

    CAT # PRO8003T

    1/2 Size Procedure Specific Insert

    CAT # PRO8001T

    Medium Bur Guard

    CAT # 1375-012

    Long Bur Guard

    CAT # 1375-011

    Extra-Long Bur Guard

    CAT # 1375-023

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