Environmental, Social and Governance (BBBEE)

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Environmental Sustainability

Medhold is committed to environmentally friendly solutions.

How we are reducing our carbon footprint:

  • Conversion of all of high energy halogen bulbs to energy saving LED technology.
  • All waste medical device disposal in line with WEEE regulations.
  • Rain water harvesting for our gardens and premises.
  • Converting to a paperless company.
  • Eradication of harmful substances, such as asbestos ceilings, safely and effectively.

Our long term green plan is to go off the grid where practical. To this end we are also considering a move to Solar panels countrywide for our power generation.


The Medhold Group recognises that economic growth and societal transformation is integral to creating an equitable society and that business has a critical role in enabling this transformation. Our initiatives are driven and supported by our board and our Social, Ethics and Transformation Committee which provides oversight of the group’s activities in the fields of transformation, human capital and sustainability.

We are fully supportive of effective transformation in South Africa and we have mobilised our strategy and resources on these key pillars:

  •  Employee equity participation in the Medhold Group through the Medhold Employee Trust.
  • Investing significantly in learning and development opportunities for both our employees as well as other fellow South Africans through:
  1. Ongoing training and development plans for our teams.
  2. Y.E.S. programme implementation.
  3. P2 Learnerships in the Clinical Engineering field.
  4. Learnerships for Disabled members of society.
  • Encouraging internal transformation by bringing about greater diversity into our workplace.
  • Continued focus and efforts around strengthening our BBBEE Scorecard.
  • Annual donation of Medical equipment and/or consumables to various State facilities countrywide.


The Medhold Group is governed by a board of directors that are in compliance with the Companies Act.

The Board operates with various sub-committees to ensure that the business is compliant with good business practices. The following sub-committees are in place:

  • Remuneration
  • Social, Ethics & Transformation
  • Investment
  • Executive committee

Our systems and processes are ISO13485:2016 certified and are geared towards the management of medical devices.

The Medhold Group complies with various international bodies such as the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act of 1977, and the UK Anti Bribery Act 2010 to ensure that our day to day dealings are properly governed.

Our Compliance officer can be contacted anonymously to manage and process any complaints.

The health and safety of our teams remain a huge focus with the Covid-19 pandemic. Apart from education and training, the provision, use and disposal of appropriate PPE remains our top priority.