Sonic Irrigator™ PC Automated Cleaning System

Reprocessing Beyond Reproach

When it comes to effective ultrasonic cleaning, the Sonic Irrigator PC+ will clean 12 lumened instruments like DetachaTip® III in a single 15 minute cycle. Featuring Cannulated Pulsed Flush Enhancement (CPE) and monitoring technology, this system automatically adjusts the critical cleaning process where necessary to ensure the validated or clinically-proven process is maintained in accordance with current guidance and international standards. This system features a range of benefits that help OR staff members reprocess instruments effectively and simply.




Sonic Irrigator PC+ Series 110v Version
CAT # MED1132-1
Water Supply Manual fill with tap water, System does not automatically fill (fill / drain hoses provided)
Dimensions Front to Back 445.00mm (17.50in)
Width 715.00mm + drain 40.00mm (28.00in + 13.50in)
Height 345.00mm (13.50in)
Capacity 26 liters approx. (6.5 US gal approx), 12 cannulated instruments (max), 2 kg of instruments
Electrical 110-120v, 50-60Hz, 5 Watts (standby), 1200 Watts (in use), 1800 Watts (max)

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