ExoShape® Femoral Soft Tissue Fastener

The ExoShape® Femoral Soft Tissue Fastener is an all-PEEK femoral fixation device that offers aperture soft tissue graft femoral fixation to achieve complete anatomic ACL reconstruction. ExoShape can also be used for PCL and PLC reconstruction.

Easy Insertion.
The compressed geometry shape is designed to reduce the force required for insertion while the tendon loop maximizes graft length in the tunnel (at least 20 mm)

Secure Fixation.

The deployment wings lock into cancellous bone while the expandable Block Lock provides graft compression and aperture fixation.

Simple Deployment.

Disposable deployment gun features a flexible cannula for simple navigation inside the joint, a deployment trigger that simplifies advancing the deployment wings

into the tendon loop and a suture cleat to secure loose suture strands.

High Strength Suture.

QuikWhip™ #2 Co-Braid Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Surgical Suture features high tensile strength and a looped design to provide an easy method to rapidly stitch graft ends. It is in green and white/green co-braid and comes loaded with a 51 mm straight round body needle.


Effective Bipolar Ablation

  • Quick, controlled plasma-based ablation and coagulation of tissue in arthroscopic environments
  • Optional aspiration designed to improve visibility*
  • Uses your ESU’s existing foot pedal**Low Power Output, Low Temperature
  • UltrAblator™ 3.3mm, 90º probe generates lower heat than existing systems in the market1
  • Helps mitigate delays caused by flushing the joint or waiting for fluid to cool down
  • Ideal for surgeons concerned with high-joint temperaturesPortfolio to Meet Wide Range of Procedures
  • Shoulder: 3.3mm, 90º – non-aspirating & aspirating probes
  • Knee: 3.3mm, 50º – non-aspirating & aspirating probes
    Small Joint: 2.4mm, 50º – non-aspirating probes, 1.8mm, 60º – non-aspirating probes


No Dedicated Capital Equipment Required

  • Works with most standard monopolar generators** eliminating new capital investments
  • Less equipment to purchase, service, store and maintain
  • Saves space in your OR
  • Eliminates need to train staff on dedicated bipolar generator
  • Makes incorporating bipolar technology simple and affordable

Lower Per Procedure Costs

  • Lower probe costs than many expensive high-performance
    probes on the market
  • No patient grounding pad required

1 Data on file.
*Suction only available on 3.3mm electrodes.
**UltrAblator Bipolar Probe Series require a universal adapter and an ESU with monopolar foot control capabilities.






Femoral Soft Tissue Fastener
ExoShape FEMORAL Cartridge, 8 mm x 21 mm
CAT # 1600-00-008
Cartridge 8 mm x 21 mm
ExoShape FEMORAL Cartridge, 9 mm x 21 mm
CAT # 1600-00-009
Cartridge 9 mm x 21 mm
ExoShape FEMORAL Cartridge, 10 mm x 21 mm
CAT # 1600-00-010
Cartridge 10 mm x 21 mm
ExoShape FEMORAL Cartridge, 11 mm x 21 mm
CAT # 1600-00-011
Cartridge 11 mm x 21 mm
Single Use Accessories
QuikWhip Green Co-Braid USP #2 Suture, Sterile
CAT # 1101-03-000
Suture USP #2
Color Green Co-Braid
QuikWhip White/Green Co-Braid USP #2 Suture, Sterile
CAT # 1101-04-000
Suture USP #2
Color White/Green Co-Braid

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