Ulnar Collateral Ligament Repair

Surgical Technique

The Ulnar Collateral Ligament, also known as the Medial Collateral Ligament, attaches at the medical epicondyle of the humerus to the insertional point of the distal ulna1. This ligament plays a vital role as the primary valgus stabilizer of the elbow, and it is often torn due to a traumatic, sudden fall or by repeated stress from overhead movements.  The ulnar collateral ligament can be surgically repaired by fixating the native ligament remnants back to the original insertional sites through using the TruShot™ with Y-Knot®. Additional support can be achieved augmenting an Internal Hi-Fi® Brace using CrossFT™ Knotless anchors.


TruShot*™ with Y-Knot® Shallow

  • All-in-one delivery system eliminates unnecessary steps and extra time
  • Unique anchor deployment technology allows for shallow 10mm tunnel
  • Strong fixation with less bone removal and no hard anchors left behind


CrossFT™ Knotless Suture Anchor

  • Controlled tension designed to optimize tendon compression
  • Strong: Dual-thread pattern for cortical and cancellous bone fixation
  • Bone marrow vent channel designed to provide healing properties of bone marrow

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