Treating FAI with a Labral Tear Using the Paradigm™ Hip System and PressFT™ Flex Anchor System

Femoroacetabular impingement, also referred to as FAI, is a condition resulting from bone overgrowth on the femoral head (known as cam spurs) and/or on the acetabulum (known as pincer spurs). These bone spurs create abnormal contact in the hip joint which can result in damage to the labrum and/or the articular cartilage.

When treating FAI arthroscopically, CONMED offers a full portfolio of products from accessing the hip joint to repair of the labrum.


Paradigm™ Tactile Needle

  • Safety – Features a spring-loaded blunt obturator.
  • Tactile Feedback – Confirms capsule entry.

Paradigm™ EZ Switch™ Portal Saver System 

  • Designed to Save Time – Easily switch portals without sleds or switching sticks.
  • Flexible Design – Allows for a wide range of motion.
  • Customizable – Flexible body length can be easily trimmed to match patient anatomy

PressFT™ Suture Anchor 

  • Small Footprint – 2.1mm pilot hole.
  • Available single loaded in PEEK or GENESYS™ BioCompositeafety – Features a blunt, retractable outer sheath.

Paradigm™ Relay™ Labral Suture Passer 

  • Optimized Curvature – Engineers for hip arthroscopy.
  • Small in Size – Minimal disruption to the labrum.

Paradigm™ Curved Knot Pusher 

  • Innovative – Currently the only curved knot pusher available.
  • Optimal Knot Stack Placement – Helps enable ideal knot stack placement around the acetabular rim.

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