Panda Warmer


The Panda* Warmer for Labor & Delivery helps keep the healthy baby healthy.


Welcome to a New Generation

Panda Warmers


The Panda® Warming system from GE is unlike any warmer you have seen… industry leading thermal performance WITHOUT a clumsy overhead heater!


Performing procedures such as X-rays and surgery just got easier. Attending clinicians remain cool and comfortable. Your baby always stays warm, content and safe. You’ve never seen a warmer like this before


Warmup with no nuisance alarms


Turn the Panda Warmer on well in advance of delivery and you know your bed will be warm when the infant arrives. By eliminating nuisance alarms we keep the environment quiet and stress free for caregivers and parents.


Heat where you need it


GE’s new Hourglass Heat Profile bathes the baby in soothing warmth, and keeps the caregiver cool and comfortable.


Integrated resuscitation


Always available with minimal setup for high risk deliveries. Helps to standardize resuscitation protocols across the perinatal care area.


Integrated SpO2


Monitors SpO2 and heart rate without additional equipment. Captures data non-invasively. All baby parameters are displayed on the bed’s full-colour control panel.


Integrated scale


Baby’s first weight is available right at the bedside.So cute parents might even take a picture!


Exceptional service coverage


Our team of factory-trained service professionals provides exceptional support from install to clinical and technical education, technical phone support

to parts delivery. Also, extended service options are available, which assist in the technical management of your equipment throughout its life.

Simplify care with these advanced features and options

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