Moduevo Bridge systems

This economical, space-saving ceiling supply unit is designed to enhance provider-patient interactions at all acuity levels by keeping everything close at hand. It can be installed in intensive care and high-dependency care units, recovery and emergency departments.


Challenging facility constraints:

  • Ideal for rooms with low ceilings: the beam height is adjustable from 1800 to 2350 mm (70.9” to 90.5”).
  • The right choice for large units: the units can be placed next to each other to avoid losing space. You can also combine various beam lenghts from 2200 to 3500 mm (86.6” to 137.8”).
  • Suitable for units without windows: the Somnus light provides innovative daylight simulation.
  • Perfect solution for changing needs: Moduevo’s versatile Ergonomic Positioning System (EPoS) allows you to easily add or remove equipment for positioning, holding, and storage.


Fostering a healing environment

  • Improve access for patient care: immediate and unrestricted access to patient’s head.
  • Facilitate medical examination: the optional OR light adapter allows you to add more light with either Maquet Lucea (50 or 100), or Maquet Volista Access.
  • Create peaceful and healing atmosphere for patients, families and medical staff: up to six colors of ambient lighting can be integrated into Moduevo Bridge.
  • Minimize noise: electromagnetic brakes are quiet and will not disturb patients.


Answering to economical considerations

  • One for two: one unit can serve two beds for added flexibility during periods of high patient admission.

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