Mobile Care Web Viewer

The right information when and where you need it


CARESCAPE* Mobile Viewers empower clinicians to deliver care from virtually anywhere. It provides around-the-clock access to the information clinicians need to help make fast, informed decisions to treat their patients. Web Viewer exemplifies our vision of providing vital patient information anytime, anywhere.





  • Detailed view of near-real-time waveforms, numerical data and active visual alarms
  • Supports up to 24 hours of graphical and numerical trend­ing for CARESCAPE Network devices and 24 to 72 hours for devices on the S/5 Network, depending on the monitor
  • User configurable patient list and views to patient information (waveforms and numeric)
  • Multi-patient view capability to support viewing 4, 8, 12 or 16 patients simultaneously
  • View up to 7-leads of ECG with CARESCAPE Network devices and up to 12-leads of ECG with monitors on the S/5 Network
  • Supports printing to paper and to electronic formats like PDF; numerical trend data also can be copied and pasted to other applications like Microsoft® Excel®
  • Becomes a clinical review station to any patient-relatedinformation when integrated with CARESCAPE iPanel*
  • Waveforms may be temporarily frozen for closer examination, including print screen functionality



  • Enables clinicians to view vital patient information securely on a standard PC or Mac®
  • Web Viewer utilizes Java™ Web Start technology to eliminate the inconvenience of downloading or upgrading client software
  • Connects to the hospital’s local area network via a direct wired or wireless connection
  • Utilizes existing network infrastructure and client hardware
  • Client devices are not limited to CARESCAPE Mobile Viewers use only, allowing other applications to be used as well
  • Password-validated access control and configurable access rights to prevent unauthorized use
  • Supports SSL to protect the confidentiality and integrity of patient information
  • User account locking after unsuccessful login attempts
  • Configurable auto-logout
  • Extensive audit logs
  • Server hardened by built-in firewall
  • Supports SNMP system alerts

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