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Micropower+™ Small Bone Power System

With our MicroPower+™ System, you get the highest degree of control and precision. The rotating sagittal saw head allows for improved cutting angles, the indexing oscillating saw collet design adds cutting versatility, and flared bur guards with silicon padding offer handling and stabilization capabilities. Extendable levers with padded tips provide in-hand comfort. The units have encapsulation and potting to protect against moisture.

  • Product Specifications

    Small Bone Handpiece

    MicroPower+ Oral Max Elite High Speed Electric Drill

    CAT # PRO7000DE

    MicroPower+ High Speed Electric Drill

    CAT # PRO7000SE

    MicroPower+ Medium Speed Electric Drill

    CAT # PRO7100SE

    MicroPower+ Sagittal Saw Electric

    CAT # PRO7200SE

    MicroPower+ Oscillating Saw Electric

    CAT # PRO7300SE

    MicroPower+ Reciprocating Saw Electric

    CAT # PRO7400SE

    MicroPower+ Electric Cord (New Parylene Coating)

    CAT # MC5057


    MicroPower+ Small Bone Insert

    CAT #

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