Craig Williams (Business Development Consultant) , Lili Vicente (Business Support Consultant), Paul Landman (General Manager Orthopaedics), Chris Baird (Group CFO)

Craig Williams (Business Development Consultant), Paul Landman (General Manager Orthopaedics), Morne Kilian( Business Unit Manager, Orthopaedic Trauma).


Medhold is excited to announce the recent acquisition of Acumed to expand Medhold’s innovative orthopaedic solutions.  To further ensure a smooth transition of the new orthopaedic offering Craig Williams and Lili Vicente, previously from Afmed, will be consulting to Medhold. Medhold’s new partnership offers a broader range of solutions for clients that cater across multiple orthopaedic specialities. Acumed has one of the most comprehensive selection of upper and lower extremity fixation and specialty plates in the modern market. Thanks to its new partnership, Medhold has successfully expanded its offered orthopaedic solutions and products with distributing the Acumed portfolio.