Efficient, comfortable neonatal care with Lullaby Warmer


Exceptional Quality

The Lullaby Warmer helps you meet your high clinical standards and those of recognized experts in the field. Like all Lullaby products, it complies with certain internationally recognized clinical guidelines and regulatory requirements* for performance factors critical to the effectiveness of infant care. GE helps make high-quality infant warming accessible and affordable for virtually any healthcare facility.


Versatility, from L&D to NICU

By providing a stable, thermoregulated environment that enables fast, easy access to the baby, the Lullaby Warmer helps clinicians meet the requirements of different care areas, from newborns in Labor & Delivery to at-risk infants in the NICU.


* Create a cozy, thermo-stable environment

The micro-processor technology and intelligent engineering behind the Lullaby Warmer create a consistently warm bed for baby with built-in monitors that notify caregivers of critical temperature events.


  • Warmer heats to 100% for 12 minutes, and then reduces to a steady 25% to maintain ready status. Heat adjustments can be made in 5% increments so you can fine-tune the warmth.
  • Heat is evenly distributed via the Calrod® heater, which is precisely matched to the bed size.
  • An innovative probe guard helps prevent the skin probe from becoming detached from the baby, helping reduce the risk of overheating due to lack of temperature monitoring.
  • A “check baby” alarm sounds if baby’s skin temperature deviates by ±1° C from the set point. The unit stops heating if the temperature exceeds the desired value by 1° C, and restarts only when the temperature falls back into the 1° C range

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