Lullaby Resus Plus

T-piece resuscitation that is easy, designed for safety and economical to use.


Gas-powered, AAP/ILCOR-compliant and fully compatible with our high-performance Lullaby Warmers, Lullaby Resus Plus equips your caregivers to combat birth asphyxia. Perhaps most important, Lullaby Resus Plus helps ensure adequate pressure delivery and oxygenation, thanks to capabilities such as these:


  • Precise monitoring of, and control over, Peak Inspiratory Pressure (PIP), for safe and comfortable inspiration
  • Fine adjustment of Positive End Expiration Pressure (PEEP) to ease exhalation
  • Reliable pressure valves to vent excess PIP and limit PEEP
  • Accurate oxygen blending to avert delivery of 100% oxygen


The user friendliness you expect. It won’t surprise you to learn that, as a member of the Lullaby family, Lullaby Resus Plus is exceptionally easy to use. Among the reasons:


  • Intuitive controls and interfaces to reduce the need for training
  • Flexible patient circuits to accommodate patients of any size
  • A dovetail mounting interface, for convenient access to all system functions
  • Comprehensive training, backed by an easy-to-follow Quick Training Guide
  • Easy to clean and compatible with many cleaning agents
  • Lightweight so it can be ready to use wherever and whenever it is needed


We’ve gone to great lengths to make Lullaby  Resus Plus a cost-efficient solution, both up front and over its useful life. In fact, we designed this rugged and reliable device to reduce:


  • Your initial costs
  • Your operating costs, including the cost of such consumables as oxygen
  • Your service and maintenance costs

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