Lullaby LED PT


What if you could specify a phototherapy system that would meet all of your requirements for clinical quality, versatility, and ease of use? Now you can.


The Lullaby™ Phototherapy System from GE Healthcare is a unique device for treating indirect hyperbilirubinemia in newborns that combines a high level of clinical performance with a simple, flexible design that improves workflow efficiency and can help keep costs down.


In short – it’s phototherapy that makes sense for today’s healthcare demands.


Designed to meet high clinical standards


Many overhead phototherapy systems have serious drawbacks from a clinical perspective, including low irradiance levels and scattered, unfocused coverage.   The Lullaby Phototherapy System was designed specifically to overcome these impediments to provide more effective newborn care.


The Lullaby Phototherapy System’s blue light delivers healing phototherapy that meets internationally recognized clinical guidelines, such as the recommendations of the American Academy of Paediatrics*

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