Knee Arthroscopy

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All-Inside ACL Reconstruction

Achieve all-inside reaming with the Infinity™ Retro-Reamer and suspensory fixation with the Infinity™ Femoral Adjustable Loop Button and Infinity™ Tibial Button.


Go all-in on all-inside


ACL Reconstruction using an all-inside approach involves closed socket tunnels to achieve an anatomic replication of the native ACL. This approach requires minimal bone removal and small skin incisions, while utilizing a button construct for suspensory fixation.

CONMED’s Infinity™ Knee System provides all the tools for this procedure. The Infinity™ Femoral Adjustable Loop Button, which has no minimum loop length and a dual locking mechanism, teams with the Infinity™ Tibial Button and Free Loop for suspensory fixation. With the aid of the Infinity™ Modular Guide, the Infinity™ Retro-Reamer provides all-inside reaming with simple actuation.

Soft Tissue ACL Reconstruction

With a variety of guides, reamers, and suspensory and aperture fixation options, surgeons can perform ACL procedures the way they want.


Numerous fixation options to suit any approach


Patients that have sustained an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear, which is often a sports-related injury, may require surgery to reconstruct the ACL. In this procedure, a graft from the patient or from a donor is used to replace the torn ligament. Suspensory or aperture fixation may be used to fixate the graft in place.

CONMED’s suspensory fixation options are highlighted by the Infinity™ Femoral Adjustable Loop Button, which has no minimum loop length and a dual locking mechanism. The Infinity™ Modular Guide System was designed for maximum ease of use.

BTB ACL Reconstruction

EZStart™ Interference Screws provide a self-notching, self-tapping approach to ACL reconstruction using a bone-tendon-bone graft.


BTB Benefits


BTB grafts can lead to faster healing rates from bone to bone integration and aperture fixation of the graft against the bone tunnels. ACL Reconstruction using a bone-tendon-bone graft has become increasingly popular, especially among the younger and more active patient population. BTB grafts are often harvested from the patient’s central third of the patellar tendon, or a surgeon may prefer a BTB allograft from a donor.

CONMED’s EZStart™ Interference Screws are designed to be self-notching and self-tapping. This allows for easy initial placement, while the innovative dual-thread screw design creates its own thread pattern when turned.

PCL Reconstruction

The modular Infinity™ System has everything you need for PCL procedures.


PCL your way


As the anterior cruciate ligament’s counterpart, the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) primarily protects against posterior translation of the tibia. When torn, the patient may require reconstruction to restore the function of the PCL. The surgeon may choose to use an autograft or allograft to reconstruct the PCL, and may fixate the graft in place with suspensory or interference devices.

CONMED’s Infinity™ Knee System provides the guides, reamers, and suspensory & interference fixation options you need to complete your technique of choice. For aperture fixation, the ExoShape® Femoral and Tibial Fasteners provide non-rotational PEEK fixation.

Meniscal Repair

Maximize your repair with minimal anatomic disruption


All-inside meniscal repair


Torn knee cartilage generally produces pain in the region of the tear and swelling in the knee joint. Torn meniscus fragments can get caught in the knee joint, and if a large enough fragment becomes lodged between the bearing surfaces, the knee may become unable to be fully bent or extended. Minimally invasive techniques can repair this issue.

CONMED’s Infinity AIM™ Meniscal Repair Device offers seamless one-handed deployment and in-joint tensioning to promote a simple and reliable repair. It’s designed with safety and minimal anatomic disruption in mind. The Sequent® Meniscal Repair Device is an all-inside, stay-inside system comprised of PEEK implants and Hi-Fi® suture that can create a knotless repair in any configuration.

Meniscal Root Repair

Meniscal roots are repositioned and fixated into the original anatomical attachment


Studies show that a meniscal root repair procedure results in less stress in cartilage post operation1


The meniscal roots are responsible for maintaining placement and stability of the meniscus, and patients who have sustained a meniscal root tear often require surgery to properly repair the root or a meniscectomy. During this procedure, the root of the meniscus is often repositioned and fixated into its original anatomical attachment site using anchors or sutures.

CONMED’s Y-Knot® Flex All-Suture Anchor is used to help reach stable refixation of the meniscus root without the need for an additional posterior portal.


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