Hip Access Using the Paradigm™ Hip System

CONMED’s Paradigm™ Hip System features an all-in-one access solution for hip arthroscopy. Accessing the tight hip joint can be challenging and often times requires the use of fluoroscopy. The Paradigm™ Tactile Needle features a spring-loaded, blunt obturator that is designed to reduce iatrogenic damage during that initial access into the joint. The Paradigm™ Tactile Needle also provides a tactile feedback to confirm capsule entry so that surgeons know when they are safely in the open joint space.

The thick capsule of the hip joint is often cut for easier access into the joint. The Paradigm™ Retractable Straight Blade and Hook Blade feature a blunt, retractable outer sheath that protects the sharp blade until it is time to cut.

The Paradigm™ EZ Switch™ Portal Saver System preserves the portals into the joint space allowing surgeons to easily and efficiently switch between portals throughout the procedure. It’s flexible design allows for a wide range of motion into the joint space.


Paradigm™ Tactile Needle

  • Safety – Features a spring-loaded blunt obturator.
  • Tactile Feedback – Confirms capsule entry.

Paradigm™ Retractable Straight and Hook Blade 

  • Safety – Features a blunt, retractable outer sheath.
  • Straight Blade – Sharp, straight blade to “push-cut” through the capsule.
  • Hook Blade – Retrograde blade enables effective cutting while its blunt tip is designed to protect soft tissue.

Paradigm™ EZ Switch™ Portal Saver System 

  • Designed to Save Time – Easily switch portals without sleds or switching sticks.
  • Flexible Design – Allows for a wide range of motion.
  • Customizable – Flexible body length can be easily trimmed to match patient anatomy.

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