HELIX AR™ – Arogn Beam Coagulation (ABC®) Technology

The HelixAR combines the advanced specialty modes of a premium ESU with the benefits of CONMED’s latest ABC® Technology. The HelixAR is intended for both open and laparoscopic procedures, and includes:



  • Laparoscopic: Limits voltage to 2700V in Lap Mode, helping reduce the risks of inadvertent burns from capacitive coupling
  • Fluids: Rapid energy initiation for immediate clinical effect in high load/low impedance conditions
  • Pulse Coag: Pulsing bursts of coagulation for controlled hemostasis with reduced tissue carbonization



  • Argon Dissect: Works with the CONMED dissecting electrode to provide argon enhanced cutting with four varying levels of hemostasis
  • Pulse Argon: Provides controlled hemostasis for small surface bleeders with four pulse timings


Power Units and Accessories Ln
HelixAR™ Set
CAT # 60-8800-SET
Set Includes ABC Generator and Cart
HelixAR™ System
CAT # 60-8800-SYS
System Includes ABC Generator, Cart, Monopolar and Bipolar Footswitch
HelixAR™ Wireless Footswitch Kit
CAT # 60-8480-001
Bipolar Footswitch Omni-Directional
CAT # 60-5103-002
Cable Length 15 ft
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 1
ABC® Single Pedal Footswitch,15ft
CAT # 60-8475-001
ABC® Single Pedal Footswitch, 30ft.
CAT # 60-8470-001
Abc Accessories Ln
System 5000 | HelixAR™ Stacking Adapter
CAT # 60-8849-001
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 1
Argon Gas Cylinder (D Size), Full
CAT # 136050
Specification D Size with 33 Cubic Feet (934.46 liters) capacity 99.998% Pure Argon Gas included
Argon Gas Cylinder (D Size), Empty
CAT # 136051
Size D
Capacity 934.46 liters (33 cubic feet)
Purchasing Unit of Measure Qty 1

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