Height Adjustable Packing Station CSSD

An entirely new approach packing Surgical Instrument in CSSD
Height adjustable CSSD packing table/Station, designed and manufactured with stainless steel to ensure a high quality and durable finish, able to withstand the demands of a sterilisation department.


These height-adjustable packing tables have mainly been designed for CSSD staff packing instrument sets in the Central Sterilisation Department in mind.
These packing stations give the ability to have single packing stations with all relevant accessories and supporting equipment to facilities individual working stations, allowing independent control, facilitate accuracy, throughput and personal responsibility.


Our packing table/Station allow staff to work in an ergonomic fashion as the height can be adjusted to the type of task that needs to be performed, operators can sit or stand comfortably at the optimal ergonomic height
Thanks to the table’s flexibility, staff can get on with their business in the most optimum working position.


All CSSD packing tables come standard with castors and lifting legs, which allow CSSD personnel to raise or lower table to height required, reducing the risk of staff OH&S issues.


The table’s flexibility also means that workstations can be arranged to make the best possible use of the available space.

Easily height adjustable

  • The height of the table can be set to anything between 75 mm and 125 mm.
  • The height setting control comes with three different memory settings, allowing you to program a range of positions, which will prove very convenient if the same workstation is used by a number of people. The controls are located right underneath the worktop and are easy to reach.
  • Packing Tables come standard with 220V electrical multi plug
  • Dedicated Inspection lamp to facilitate inspection on cleanliness, functionality of the medical devices during the packing of the sets and devices.
  • Cardex system – cleanable, with Instrument set check list, pictures of the set and information on function of device or how to assemble device e.g. power tools and complex medical devices at hand.
    Storage bins:
  • Save storage of all Sterility assurance products – chemical indicators, Bowie & Dick, Biological Indicators, Chemical Indicator tape etc.
  • Dedicated storage bin for Surface and Hand disinfectors with disposable wipes that facilitate constant surface disinfection and hand hygiene _ “Clean Hands on Clean Goods” kept separately to avoid wetness
  • Dedicated storage bin for “Spot Lubrication” in the pack area kept separately without compromising the Cleaning area
    Accessories e.g. wrapping paper trolley shared between Pack Stations and Wire basket trolleys with unwrapped set’s on the one side and wrapped set’s on the opposite side, ready for Sterilization.
    Height Adjustable Packing Stations are part of securing best routines for infection control, high efficiency and an ergonomic workplace, complete processing systems with thought-through products and solutions throughout the entire instrument reprocessing flow

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