GS2000 50L Insufflation System

CONMED’s 50L Insufflation System for laparoscopic surgery safely delivers body temperature gas in a user friendly, single port design that’s been ergonomically and economically engineered. Its unique, proprietary features deliver a wide range of benefits designed to provide an optimal experience for surgeons, OR staff members and their patients: Delivering gas flow at a speed of 50L per minute, this system has one of the fastest flow rate of any single port insufflator on the market. This system features our proprietary Continuous Pressure Sensing (CPS™) technology. The intuitive, easy-to-use touch screen helps simplify setup for OR Staff members and provides intraoperative adjustments at their fingertips. Unlike other insufflators that often lose significant pressure when a tank needs to be changed, our system features a unique, dual-tank shuttle valve system allowing two tanks to be hooked up at once.






50L High Flow Abdominal Insufflator
CAT # GS2000
Hose and Yoke for CO2, E-Tank, 4 ft.
CAT # GS1052
Dual Tank Shuttle Valve System
CAT # GS2050
DIN477, Hose and Connection for CO2 Tank
CAT # GS202K
DISS Hose for “wall” CO2 2 ft.
CAT # GS1053
Power Cord, 155 VAC 6 ft.
CAT # C7104
Power Cord, 230 VAC 10 ft.
CAT # C7105

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