Giraffe Warmer

The Giraffe* Warmer provides a warm, comfortable, developmentally supportive environment for the baby.


Giraffe Warmer


NICU babies in any environment need a warm, comfortable bed to support their development.  The Giraffe Warmer provides uninterrupted thermal support while at the same time giving the caregiver complete access and visibility. Newly integrated Features and options minimize the amount of extra equipment in the care area. The new Hourglass Heat Profile optimizes heat coverage for the mattress and baby while minimizing heat to caregivers. The recessed heater provides unequalled access and consistent heat therapy during interventions.


A new level of neonatal care the controls have a full-colour display that is easy to read, even from a distance. Full colour trends track temperature, pulse rate, SpO2 and weight. The Hands Free Alarm Silence allows you to control alarms without touching a surface during a procedure. The elimination of alarms during warm up mode keeps the area quiet and friendly for the baby, family and staff. The built-in dimmable observation lights and amiable procedure light are standard on the Giraffe Warmer and reduce the need for additional lighting. They are fully adjustable to provide the lighting you need, when and where you need it.


Advanced care options are available for the NICU too. The integrated resuscitation option helps to standardize the resuscitation practice within the NICU. Capture oxygen saturation data with the integrated SpO2 option. Both options are fully integrated and always ready when you need them.


For the clinician…

  • Total access
  • Complete control
  • A new level of neonatal care


For the baby…

  • A warm, comfortable environment
  • Nurturing care
  • Helping make sick babies well.

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