Giraffe Star

Brings life saving capabilities virtually anywhere, from Labor & Delivery to NICU, to the well-baby nursery.


Giraffe STAR – Stand-alone Infant Resuscitation System


The Giraffe Stand-alone infant resuscitation system gives you fast and easy access to an integrated solution you need for the effective resuscitation of newborns. Easily portable, it can be set-up virtually anywhere you need it, from Labor and Delivery to NICU to the well-baby nursery.


Designed to meet the latest ILCOR recommendations adopted by local resuscitation councils, the unit supports:


  • Both T-piece and Bag-and-Mask resuscitation configurations
  • Effective airway management, with fully integrated suction
  • Monitored delivery of positive pressure during ventilation
  • Blended Air/O2 gas delivery to meet the clinical needs throughout the stabilization period
  • Monitoring of pulse rate and oxygenation when used in conjunction with an optional external SpO2 module.


This system combines all essential capabilities in a single, compact unit, making it designed for high risk deliveries, transport and bedside caregiving.


  • Full integration of critical resuscitation features makes set-up easy and keeps the care area organized. And, it simplifies standardization of resuscitation protocols across the perinatal care area
  • The streamlined design puts all the therapy right at your fingertips, giving you convenient and unobstructed access to suction, blended gases, and monitored positive pressure capability
  • Flexible mounting options, from roll stand to GCX arms, let you use it alongside any warmer, incubator, or hybrid bed in your facility
  • Tailored for intra-hospital transport; it’s designed to easily mount on the Giraffe Shuttle,‡ giving you quick access to essential resuscitation equipment when moving the baby within the hospital
  • Built-in pressure-priority valve insures the system, when connected to both wall and tank gas sources, first draws from the wall thereby conserving tank gases for transportation

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