Getinge Selecta Spray Gun Air

Spray gun rinse unit, for connection to water or compressed air, to be used for assisted cleaning of pipettes, catheters, cannulas, syringes, etc.


To secure best routines for infection control, high efficiency and
an ergonomic workplace, the entire circulation of sterile goods
must be considered. That’s why Getinge offers not only washerdisinfectors
and sterilizers, but complete processing systems
with thought-through loading equipment and accessories that
might be needed.


Our accessories for pre-cleaning, inspection, packing, storage
and distribution provides an efficient and seamless flow of sterile
goods, where everything fits together with coherent design and


Our products are suited for many different applications, such as
central sterile supply departments, small clinics and practices,
dental clinics, laboratories etc. You´ll find more about what
accessories fit what applications on the next couple of pages,
as well as a register at the back that lists all our available
accessories. If you are unable to find the products you’re looking
for, please contact your local Getinge representative.


We can normally assist you with everything you need.
Instrument reprocessing:
Soiled zone

Instrument reprocessing:
Clean zone

Instrument reprocessing:
Sterile zone

Goods carriers
• Trays
• Baskets
• Trolleys

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