Sterile Supply Management


Comprehensive traceability for increased quality assurance
Getinge IMS is the easy-to-use instrument management and sterile supply reprocessing solution that ensures any facility greater efficiency and compliance through comprehensive electronic traceability.


Getinge IMS optimizes the workflow in the Central Sterile Supply Department and ensures both quality and regulatory compliance in your facility.


Facilitate an efficient sterile supply workflow

Getinge IMS can help your department increase productivity by facilitating efficient communication and information-sharing between staff. The solution’s intuitive interface, on-screen multimedia instruction files, and direct training functionality promote a better user experience and ensure reliable and accurate instrument reprocessing.


Increased patient safety that inspires confidence in care

With a reliable instrument management and sterile supply reprocessing solution in place, patients can be confident in your hospital’s high-level infection control standards, which is aided by your ability to report non-conformances in every step of your workflow


Promote safety and efficiencies with complete traceability

With its flexible, in-depth reporting functionality, Getinge IMS supports better stock management, helps prioritize instrument usage, and improves turnaround times on instrument tray reprocessing


Ease of use that saves implementation time and costs

Getinge IMS is easy to use, simple to install and completely intuitive, which helps ensure swift and efficient implementation in your facility. With Getinge IMS, staff require minimal training, which keeps disruptions in your CSSD production as brief as possible.

Getinge IMS combines comprehensive electronic traceability with a user-friendly, touch screen compatible interface. The intuitive icons clearly and simply communicate the reprocessing stages. Designed with both tablets and computer touchscreens in mind, Getinge IMS enables dynamic data entry and report creation


Improve your work routines

Being one step ahead of potential challenges in your Central Sterile Supply Department is key when faced with budgetary constraints. Getinge IMS lets you monitor incoming and outgoing stock in real time, so you can identify and mitigate any possible bottlenecks in the workflow before they even become an issue. Getinge IMS also lets you tailor your processes and screen features to meet your Central Sterile Supply Department’s specific needs. By providing you with detailed information throughout the stages of the sterile supply workflow, Getinge IMS ensures you can manage your Central Sterile Supply Department more effectively while keeping processes and human errors to a minimum.

With Getinge IMS, you can keep your existing procedures in place thanks to the flexible configuration and the intuitive, color-coded interface icons. This helps you instantly identify each reprocessing stage. Furthermore, by adding multimedia files to the instruction processes, Getinge IMS makes it easier for your staff to reliably and accurately follow work procedures:


  • Module 1: CSSD unit processes
    Day-to-day features to facilitate the management of
    items in the CSSD
  • Module 2: Administration
    Helps the CSSD manager and other users administrate
    the system
  • Module 3: Reports
    Generates information in reports/graphs.


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