Getinge Helix Test 3.5 Steam

The Getinge Assured Helix Test 3.5 verifies air removal, steam penetration, exposure levels and deep vacuum achievement necessary for the sterilization of hollow lumen instruments.

The Helix Test 3.5 is suitable for daily sterilizer monitoring according to EN 867-5. The test is designed to be used in each sterilization cycle as an independent control device.


Getinge is a world leader in cleaning, disinfection and sterilization equipment, with solutions for the healthcare and life science sectors. We understand that you need your disinfection andsterilization equipment to consistently perform to manufacturer’s specifications in full compliance with local and international
standards. That’s why we’ve now added a new, comprehensive range of wash monitoring and sterility assurance indicators under the Getinge Assured brand.
The Getinge Assured range of products independently monitor your facility’s processes and provide you with the added assurance that your equipment is clean and sterile as expected.



The first important step in sterile processing is effective cleaning. The best way to verify cleanliness is a reliable testing protocol that includes test soil, wash monitoring and residual protein testing. Used routinely, our Getinge Assured Wash Monitoring products provide independent verification that the cleaning process – whether in a washer-disinfector and/or additionally in an ultrasonic bath – is consistently providing the desired cleaning result.


As a final assurance of surface cleanliness, we offer a full range of residual protein tests for surfaces and instruments –including hollow lumens and scopes. Thanks to instant protein reaction, these tests are quick and easy to use and can detect residual protein down to 1 microgram in less than 10 seconds.



Our knowledge of local and international standards ensures that we have the appropriate indicator to enable you to achieve optimal sterility assurance.
Bowie-Dick type tests In accordance with International requirements ( EN ISO 17665-1) the Bowie-Dick-type test remains the benchmark for the daily testing of the mechanical function of your vacuum assisted steam sterilizer. This test includes challenging for effective air removal and steam penetration
thereby releasing your sterilizer for its daily use. Getinge’s new and innovative Bowie-Dick-type tests – branded Assured Bowie-Dick Test Pack, Check Bowie-Dick Test Pack, Check MiniPack and Assured Test Card have been developed to and tested to be consistent with EN ISO 11140-4. Our highly sensitive advanced ink technology provides greater accuracy and user information on process conditions compared to conventional test packs. The new compact design for the AdvaTec and Test Card requires less paper,
which minimizes:

  • Usage cost
  • Transport cost
  • Storage space
  • Environmental footprint

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