Four Cornerstones For Sluice Room Hygiene

Four Cornerstones For Sluice Room Hygiene
Choosing Ninjo or Tornado is a good starting point for a well-planned sluice room, but the flusher disinfector is only one of four facility features essential for maintaining working practices that ensure excellent hygiene:


  • 1 Soiled area
    This area is set aside for soiled goods and usually consists of a bench or a stainless steel discharge table. Separated from the clean spaces in the room, it acts as a temporary collection point for soiled goods. The slop hopper, used for cleaning mops and buckets, is a useful addition to the soiled area.


  • 2 Hand wash station
    The hand wash basin and accessories should be conveniently sited and easy to use. Hand disinfection should be obligatory before removing cleaned goods from a flusher disinfector and before leaving the sluice room.


  • 3 Flusher disinfector
    Ninjo or Tornado efficiently empty, clean and thermally disinfect circulation goods. The soiled goods are placed in the holder, the appropriate program is activated and after 3-7 minutes the goods are once again ready for use.


  • Clean storage area
    Clean and disinfected goods that are not to be used immediately should be stored away from soiled surfaces or goods. Cupboards or racks separate from soiled areas are generally used for this purpose.

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