FERNO EZ Slide Patient Transfer Slide

The FERNO EZ Slide enables effortless transfer of supine patients from one bed to another.

The EZ Slide features a specially-coated waterproof sleeve encircling a padded inner board. The design enables patients to be placed on the EZ Slide and gently pushed or pulled laterally to another surface by just one person. No lifting is involved in the manoeuvre thus effectively reducing the risk of back injuries, patient discomfort or anxiety during transfer and potential friction burns.

The EZ Slide is resistant to fluids and may be wiped clean and disinfected for immediate re-deployment. The padded foam board provides patient comfort while remaining protected within a heat-sealed, woven PVC cover. The red outer sleeve is made from a quality rip-stop nylon incorporating a special low-friction coating to facilitate effortless movement. Its radiolucent properties and simplicity of use makes the EZ Slide a cost effective and reliable patient transfer aid for pre-hospital, in-hospital and assisted care applications. The EZ Slide folds into a compact package and is supplied in a light-weight pouch with carry handles.


  • Lift-free patient transfer to minimise back strain and patient discomfort
  • May be operated by one person
  • Easy spray and wipe disinfection for immediate re-use
  • Radiolucent
  • Simple operation minimises staff training
  • Compact storage



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