HelixAR™ Electrosurgical Generator with ABC® Technology

Combines the advanced specialty modes of a premium ESU with the benefits of CONMED’s latest ABC® technology.

The HelixAR is intended for both open and laparoscopic procedures.

Monopolar Specialty Modes:

  • Laparoscopic: Limits voltage to 2700V in Lap Mode, helping reduce the risks of inadvertent burns from capacitive coupling
  • Fluids: Rapid energy initiation for immediate clinical effect in high load/low impedance conditions
  • Pulse Coag: Pulsing bursts of coagulation for controlled hemostasis with reduced tissue carbonization

ABC® Modes:

  • Argon Dissect: Works with the CONMED dissecting electrode to provide argon enhanced cutting with four varying levels of hemostasis
  • Pulse Argon: Provides controlled hemostasis for small surface bleeders with four pulse timings

Argon Handpieces and Disposables

Bend-a-Beam® ABC® Handpieces

These high-quality disposable Argon Beam Coagulation (ABC®) handpieces for open surgery are insulated and malleable. You can bend them to 60°. They offer reduced blood loss, reduced smoke plume for better visualization, and are effective on high impedance tissue such as bone.

Triple Option Handpiece

With efficiency in mind, the Triple Option Handpiece is designed to save time and cut costs by combining three functions into one tool. It allows for use of monopolar cut, monopolar coag, and ABC® technology all in one device.

Single Function Handpiece

Delivers ABC® energy and is compatible with Dissecting Electrodes.

ABC® Dissecting Electrodes

The simple to use ABC® Dissecting Electrodes attach to a CONMED ABC® handpiece to convert Argon Beam Coagulation to Argon Beam Dissect. By forcing argon gas over an electrode in contact or non-contact mode, ABC® Dissecting Electrodes may provide reduced smoke in the surgical field. Also, less tissue damage may occur, as Argon gas flowing over the dissection may help to cool tissue at the perimeter of the intended cut.

ABC®Handpieces and Probes

CONMED ABC® Laparoscopic Probes are designed to minimize tissue damage, reduce blood loss, and produce less surgical smoke.

ABCFlex™ Argon Beam GI Probe

Gastroenterologists can use this probe with a System 7550 or 7500 ABC® ESU to achieve non-contact hemostasis with minimal thermal injury of adjacent or underlying tissue.