ExoShape® Tibial Soft Tissue Fastener

The ExoShape® Tibial Soft Tissue Fastener features a non-rotational insertion and expansion technique that provides secure tibial soft tissue graft fixation during ACL reconstruction. The ExoShape Tibial Soft Tissue Fastener’s “closed force loop” technique eliminates unwanted laxity into the newly reconstructed ligament by preventing retrograde force being applied to the graft.

Better Graft Compression.

The expansion of the shape memory PEEK Altera® sheath generates high radial forces that effectively compress and fixate the graft against the bone tunnel walls. The resultant force generated correlates closely to pullout performance of interference fixation devices.

Preserved Graft Orientation.

Eliminates “graft wrap” and preserves your preferred graft orientation. The graft bundles stay exactly where you place them, promoting a more anatomic reconstruction.

Maintains Graft Tension.

Other fixation devices can drive the graft back up the tibial tunnel, introducing unwanted laxity into the newly reconstructed ligament. The ExoShape Tibial Soft Tissue Fastener’s “closed force loop” technique is designed to eliminate this problem.

Simplifies Insertion & Expansion.

The shape memory PEEK Altera sheath is delivered pre-compressed in a low-profile geometry that inserts easily between the graft bundles. The ExoShape Tibial Gun provides controlled sheath expansion for optimized graft fixation.


Effective Bipolar Ablation

  • Quick, controlled plasma-based ablation and coagulation of tissue in arthroscopic environments
  • Optional aspiration designed to improve visibility*
  • Uses your ESU’s existing foot pedal**Low Power Output, Low Temperature
  • UltrAblator™ 3.3mm, 90º probe generates lower heat than existing systems in the market1
  • Helps mitigate delays caused by flushing the joint or waiting for fluid to cool down
  • Ideal for surgeons concerned with high-joint temperaturesPortfolio to Meet Wide Range of Procedures
  • Shoulder: 3.3mm, 90º – non-aspirating & aspirating probes
  • Knee: 3.3mm, 50º – non-aspirating & aspirating probes
    Small Joint: 2.4mm, 50º – non-aspirating probes, 1.8mm, 60º – non-aspirating probes


No Dedicated Capital Equipment Required

  • Works with most standard monopolar generators** eliminating new capital investments
  • Less equipment to purchase, service, store and maintain
  • Saves space in your OR
  • Eliminates need to train staff on dedicated bipolar generator
  • Makes incorporating bipolar technology simple and affordable

Lower Per Procedure Costs

  • Lower probe costs than many expensive high-performance
    probes on the market
  • No patient grounding pad required

1 Data on file.
*Suction only available on 3.3mm electrodes.
**UltrAblator Bipolar Probe Series require a universal adapter and an ESU with monopolar foot control capabilities.




Tibial Soft Tissue Fastener
ExoShape® TIBIAL Cartridge, 7mm x 30mm
CAT # 1101-00-0730
Cartridge 7 mm x 30 mm
ExoShape TIBIAL Cartridge, 8mm x 30mm
CAT # 1101-00-0830
Cartridge 8 mm x 30 mm
ExoShape TIBIAL Cartridge, 9mm x 30mm
CAT # 1101-00-0930
Cartridge 9 mm x 30 mm
ExoShape TIBIAL Cartridge, 10mm x 30mm
CAT # 1101-00-1030
Cartridge 10 mm x 30 mm
ExoShape TIBIAL Cartridge, 11mm x 30mm
CAT # 1101-00-1130
Cartridge 11 mm x 30 mm
ExoShape TIBIAL Cartridge, 12mm x 30mm
CAT # 1101-00-1230
Cartridge 12 mm x 30 mm
Single Use Accessories
QuikWhip Green Co-Braid USP #2 Suture, Sterile
CAT # 1101-03-000
Suture USP #2
Color Green Co-Braid
QuikWhip White/Green Co-Braid USP #2 Suture, Sterile
CAT # 1101-04-000
Suture USP #2
Color White/Green Co-Braid
CAT # 2101-00-000
Tibial Gun Applicator
Trialator, 6 mm
CAT # 2101-01-006
Trialator 6 mm
Trialator, 7 mm
CAT # 2101-01-007
Trialator 7 mm
Trialator, 8 mm
CAT # 2101-01-008
Trialator 8 mm
Trialator, 9 mm
CAT # 2101-01-009
Trialator 9 mm
Trialator, 10 mm
CAT # 2101-01-010
Trialator 10 mm
Trialator, 11 mm
CAT # 2101-01-011
Trialator 11 mm
Sheath Inserter, 7 mm
CAT # 2101-02-007
Sheath Inserter 7 mm
Sheath Inserter, 8 mm
CAT # 2101-02-008
Sheath Inserter 8 mm
Sheath Inserter, 9 mm
CAT # 2101-02-009
Sheath Inserter 9 mm
Sheath Inserter, 10 mm
CAT # 2101-02-010
Sheath Inserter 10 mm
Sheath Inserter, 11 mm
CAT # 2101-02-011
Sheath Inserter 11 mm
Sheath Inserter, 12 mm
CAT # 2101-02-012
Sheath Inserter 12 mm

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