Entropy Module, E-ENTROPY

A key measurement for personalized anaesthesia


The E-ENTROPY Module is a single-width, plug-in module with the unique Entropy* algorithm that monitors the state of the brain. It is indicated for use within the hospital for adult and paediatric patients older than two years.


Benefits of Entropy measurement (1,2)


In adults, Entropy measurement

  • May be used as an aid in monitoring the effects of certain anaesthetic agents
  • May help the user titrate anaesthetic drugs according to the individual needs
  • May be associated with a reduction of anaesthetic use and faster emergence from anaesthesia
  • Help assess adequacy of anesthesia.


Measurement technology


  • Utilizes the intuitive and published Entropy algorithm, a Datex-Ohmeda innovation (3)
  • Based on acquisition and processing of EEG and FEMG signals
  • Features two Entropy parameters


Response Entropy (RE) – a fast reacting parameter for detecting activation of facial muscles


State Entropy (SE) – a steady and robust parameter for assessing the effect of anaesthetic drugs in the brain in adults


Display options


  • Entropy information integrated into CARESCAPE* and S/5 modular anaesthesia monitor screens
  • Digital display and trending of the Entropy parameters and burst suppression ratio (BSR)
  • Entropy EEG waveform display, one channel

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