CONMED Manual Instruments

For more than 50 years, ConMed has led both in design and development
of products specialised in minimally invasive surgery (especially arthroscopy).


ConMed has a high reputation as a manufacturar of pincers, being the designer of the first set of manual instruments endorsed by the Shutt® brand. Since 1980 Shutt® pincers have evolved in their design to establish the standards of arthroscopic insrtumentation over time, providing pincers with high cutting pricision and reliability.


It’s important to highlight the sensitivity of the transmission of the movement of the handle to the beak of the instrument. As well the ergonomics of the grip to provide great comfort throughout the procedure. A special coating on the sheath of many of our instruments guarantees a smooth cutting action. Combined with diamond sharpening of the blades, provide an adequate accurancy and ensure a clean cut of the tissue.


Currently ConMed has more than 120 refernces of manual instruments, there are different choices in length, different sizes of bite, different angulations and agressiveness…This brochure is a summary.


That’s why ConMed is the one offering simple solutions for complex procedures.



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