Concept® GraFix® Graft Preparation Table

This fully modular system plays a key role during ACL and PCL reconstructive surgeries to prepare soft tissue and bone-tendon bone autografts or allografts. The system allows the surgeon to interchange the various components to clean, whipstitch, measure, pre-tension or add a fixation device. This working platform incorporates a sizing block, sold separately, that is removable for cleaning or sizing a graft under pre-tensioning. The sizing block can accommodate grafts from 3.0mm to 13mm in .5mm increments. The universal Slide Locks allow for any of the graft preparation table components to be changed intraoperatively, easily and quickly. The Slide Locks are also fully adjustable via the spring loaded locking button, for one handed adjustments. The Tension Clamp is etched in both pounds ( 30 lbs. max. ) and newtons ( 120 N max ) for quick referencing during pre-tensioning of the graft for those surgeons who feel it is necessary for satisfactory post-op results. The Graft Clamps are designed to act as an extra set of hands and incorporate atraumatic teeth to prevent damage to the graft


Concept® GraFix® – Graft Preparation Table
CAT # PS8820
Concept® GraFix® – Slide Lock (2 Recommended)
CAT # PS8821
Concept® GraFix® – Soft Tissue Graft Clamp
CAT # PS8822
Concept® GraFix® – Suture Holder Clamp
CAT # PS8823
Concept® GraFix® – Tension Clamp
CAT # PS8824
Concept® GraFix® – Bone-Tendon-Bone Clamp
CAT # PS8826
Concept® GraFix® – Bone Block Drill Guide
CAT # PS8829
Concept® GraFix® – Scraping Board
CAT # PS8830
Concept® GraFix® – Surgical Instrument Tray
CAT # PS8831
Concept® GraFix® – XO Button® Holder
CAT # PS8834
2mm Twist Drill w/ Stop
CAT # 8733
Concept® GraFix® – Graft Sizing Block, Grafix
CAT # PS8832

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