CMC Arthroplasty – LRTI

Ligament Reconstruction Tendon Interposition, or better known as LRTI, has been the traditional surgical treatment of Basal Joint Arthritis since the 1970s.  The diseased trapezium bone is removed, and then typically the flexor carpi radialis tendon is cut.  A bone tunnel is drilled in the  first metacarpal, and the free end of the tendon is passed through the tunnel, and finally fixated either to itself, or using a small anchor. There are many different modifications to this core technique that include utilizing a different tendon, using an allograft, and fixation preference.


TruShot® with Y-Knot®

  • All-in-one delivery system eliminates unnecessary steps and extra time
  • Unique anchor deployment technology allows for shallow 10mm tunnel
  • Strong fixation with less bone removal and no hard anchors left behind

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