Carpal Tunnel Release Surgical Technique

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve becomes compressed causing pain, weakness and numbness in the hand and wrist. Both open and endoscopic surgical techniques are used to reduce the pressure on the median nerve. The endoscopic procedure utilizes a proximal portal to cut the transverse carpal ligament resulting in median nerve relief. This method has proven faster recovery for patients as well as greater improvement in symptoms and functional status1.  Further evidence supporting the benefits of utilizing an endoscopic approach was shown in Benson’s 2006 clinical study comparing endoscopic versus open arthroscopic release, the endoscopic approach was proven more minimally invasive and resulted in less tendon and nerve injury post procedure2.


CTS Relief Kit®

Kit includes:

  • One small dilator
  • One larger dilator
  • One slotted guide
  • One obturator
  • One blade

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