CARESCAPE Patient Data Module

High-acuity mobile patient monitoring


The CARESCAPE™ Patient Data Module helps you transport patients to the right place at the right time efficiently and safely. It eliminates the traditional tangle of cables connected to multiple


individual monitors by uniting common parameters in one convenient, compact, ergonomically designed unit. This smart, simple approach allows providers to better access the patient in emergent situations and quickly prepare for transport.


Enhanced mobility


The Patient Data Module enhances patient mobility by facilitating an uninterrupted flow of clinical intelligence before, during and after transport. It collects all patient data from the hardwired


Solar® monitor at the bedside, then quickly snaps into the Transport Pro monitoring device – carrying the patient’s complete vital signs record. To ensure monitoring continuity, the Patient Data Module can power the Transport Pro device in case of a dead or missing battery. When reconnected to the


network in the new location, the Patient Data Module refreshes the patient’s record with the data collected before and during transport, eliminating time-consuming ECG template resets and critical


Clinical excellence


The Patient Data Module supports patient monitoring in – and between – the highest-acuity clinical environments. Inside is a state of the art parameter set including GE’s industry-leading


clinical algorithms. So you can deliver a consistent level of care quality virtually anywhere.


  • Marquette® 12SL™ 12-Lead ECG
  • 12RL™ derived 12-Lead ECG
  • EK-Pro™ four-lead arrhythmia analysis
  • DINAMAP® SuperStat™ Non-Invasive Blood Pressure
  • Masimo SET® or Nellcor® OxiMax® SpO2data gaps.

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