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CARESCAPE™ ONE Monitoring System (CS1)

All in ONE


The visionary CARESCAPE ONE monitoring system defies the conventional thinking of an intra-hospital transport solution. Durable, lightweight, and intelligently designed CARESCAPE ONE monitor and miniaturized CARESCAPE PARAMETER devices can dynamically flex across care areas and acuities without the need for additional hardware or software configurations.


One solution for enhanced care and optimized workflow


The CARESCAPE ONE monitoring system consists of CARESCAPE ONE monitor and miniaturized CARESCAPE PARAMETER devices.



  • The CARESCAPE ONE monitor is truly modular open architecture based intra-hospital transport unit with large screen and interchangeable medical USB connectors.
  • The CARESCAPE ONE monitor with its ultra-light, portable and compact design and highly visible display makes any bed a transport bed.
  • The CARESCAPE ONE monitor supports bedside and transport clinical workflows across different patient environments and acuity levels by functioning as an independent intra-hospital transport monitor and a multi-parameter acquisition module compatible with the CARESCAPE Bx50 monitors.
  • The CARESCAPE ONE monitor familiar user interface and auto rotating screen further reduces typical workflow challenges.
  • The CARESCAPE ONE monitor integrates with the CARESCAPE Gateway with data backfill and enables gapless communications to EMR systems when connected to the CARESCAPE Bx50 bedside monitors.



  • The CARESCAPE PARAMETERS provide comprehensive set of flexible measurements and meet the various needs for low and high acuity intra-hospital transfer.
  • The CARESCAPE PARAMETERS are minimized in size and enable parameter plug-and-play experience for streamlined workflow.
  • The CARESCAPE PARAMETERS together with full CARESCAPE ONE monitoring system utilize the latest level of GE’s clinical algorithms to aid in accurate diagnosis including 12SL™, GE EK-Pro, four ECG lead simultaneous arrhythmia analysis with ST detection, GE DINAMAP™ SuperSTAT non-invasive blood pressure, Masimo™ SET™ SpO2,Nellcor™ Oximax™ SpO2, GE TruSignal™ SpO2, and Respironics™ LoFlo CO2.


One solution for protecting long-term investments

  • The CARESCAPE ONE monitoring system provides a standardized yet fully flexible platform with one device and one software to support cost effective fleet management.
  • The CARESCAPE ONE monitoring system works throughout various care areas enabling plug-and-play upgradability when needs evolve.
  • The visionary and extendable design of CARESCAPE ONE monitoring system will enable easy integration of today’s and tomorrow´s technologies.
  • The CARESCAPE ONE monitor’s rugged engineering with protective frame, Dragontrail™ screen and over-mold manufactured CARESCAPE PARAMETERS are designed to withstand harsh treatments.
  • Selection of regional warranty programs, maintenance contracts and repair options, two-year preventive maintenance schedule and a comprehensive set of field replacement service parts can lower the cost of ownership of the CARESCAPE ONE monitoring system and simplify long-term capital equipment planning.

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