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RIGID Applicators


Valencia Skin Applicator 

Optimal dose coverage to the skin 

Brachytherapy offers an excellent non-invasive solution to complement or replace surgery for skin cancer. With our specialized solutions, a high radiation dose can be delivered to the tumor in a few fractions with a low dose to the surrounding area, providing a short and effective treatment. 

Controlled dosimetry for skin and surface treatments 

The Valencia skin applicator is a tungsten-shielded applicator for contact treatments. The applicator’s unique fixed flattening filter provides a flat and homogeneous isodose pattern. The flat dose can be applied very precisely to skin and surface targets. This unique applicator was designed in cooperation with La Fe University Hospital in Valencia, Spain.

Reliable treatment 

The Valencia skin applicator also contains a source stopper to secure a distal reference point for the source in the applicator, resulting in a reliable and reproducible treatment. Plastic caps on the applicator help to avoid over-dosage and assist with correct applicator positioning. Reinforced shielding at the back of the applicator adds to patient safety during treatment.

Leipzig Applicator 

The Leipzig applicator is tungsten shielded and designed for treatment of surface lesions, utilizing a contact treatment technique. It can be used for superficial skin, intra-oral and vaginal cuff lesions. It provides an excellent alternative for orthovoltage or electron treatments.


FLEXIBLE Applicators


Freiburg Flap Applicator 

Shaping surface brachytherapy 

The Freiburg Flap is a flexible mesh-style surface mold for skin or intra-operative surface treatments. The flexible applicator can easily be shaped to fit curved surfaces. It is ideally suited for large lesions or surface lesions that are difficult to cover such as on the skull or face. 

Easily shaped to the target area 

The Freiburg Flap consists of multiple spheres attached to each other that hold and guide up to 36 treatment catheters. The applicator can be curved to match the target surface and shaped to match the right size. The Freiburg Flap also ensures a constant distance of 5 mm from the treatment catheter to the surface. 

Intended for: 

  • Skin and Surface 
  • Intra-operative

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