Martinez Prostate Template

Prostate Stepper Template




Martinez Prostate Template 

he Martinez brachytherapy prostate template has been designed to assist in enhancing precision. The ultra-light template locks to the stepper or stabilizer during insertion and guides needles under ultrasound imaging. The needles can be individually repositioned and locked for treatment. The individual locking insert ensures that the position of each needle will remain unchanged when adjusting another needle. 

Part of the real-time prostate brachytherapy solution 

Elekta’s real-time prostate brachytherapy solutions were developed with one goal in mind: to offer a real-time workflow for HDR and LDR prostate brachytherapy in which the treatment is, or can be, provided in a single session. The integration of all components in one prostate brachytherapy solution ensures that products interact seamlessly. With a design leading to highly conformal and uniform prostate brachytherapy treatment plans, users can be sure that clinical objectives are met in the most efficient and dedicated way.

Prostate Stepper Template 

The prostate stepper template is an excellent solution for applying interstitial techniques in HDR prostate treatments. It is placed in a stepper holder, which is available for various ultrasound stepper devices. 

Convenient design supporting a variety of needles 

The prostate stepper template is designed for guidance and fixation of ProGuide plastic needles in 5F & 6F and 1.9 mm stainless steel needles for the Prostate Stepper Template 6F. This square light-weight template has a universal 5 mm grid array and a single-action locking system that locks all implanted needles in a single movement. The single-action locking system accelerates the procedure and is designed to eliminate inadvertent movement of individual needles. Optional grid face plates for the template correspond with the grid of the ultrasound system used, such as GE/ Siemens and B&K ultrasound systems. Grid face plates help determine the correct needle position with use of the ultrasound image, and can be mounted on the template itself or on the stepper holder.

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