Geneva – Universal Gynecological Applicator



Venezia – Advanced Gynecological Applicator



Gynae, Vagina, Cervix, Endometrium, Perinuem

Geneva™-Universal Gynecological Applicator

Easy to assemble and easy to insert, Geneva accommodates most female pelvic anatomies and is suitable for treating the majority of cervical cancer cases up to stage IIB. Being MR compatible and having the option for guided interstitial brachytherapy with every configuration, Geneva provides unprecedented versatility without compromising ease of use and precision.


Adaptable for a diverse patient population

  • Accommodates most female pelvic anatomies
  • Provides interstitial option for post-hysterectomy cases
  • Standardizes treatment for all cases up to stage IIB

Suitable for all cervical cancer patients up to stage IIB, Geneva is the universal gynecological applicator for every gynecological brachytherapy center.

With its modular design, Geneva can be configured to suit every female pelvic anatomy.

Advanced Gynecological Applicator-Venezia™

Reach cervix, parametrium and vagina—expanding clinical capabilities

Venezia allows you to reach beyond: access tumors in the parametrium and the vagina with ease. The Advanced Gynecological Applicator allows treatment of patients with IIIB cervical cancer, but also IB, IIA/B, IIIA and stage IVA tumors. One applicator can treat multiple tumor stages, so you can use the same applicator type for various patient groups. The two lunar shaped ovoids form a ring when clicked together, allowing you to benefit from the advantages of a tandem and ovoid applicator in combination with the dose distribution of a ring—high dose to the target volume while sparing organs at risk.

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