Breast CT MR Template

Kuske Breast Applicator

Rowland Adjustable Breast Template (RABIT)




Breast CT/MR Template

Always the right breast template for your patient

The advanced breast CT/MR template smoothly guides needles for multicatheter implants. The template’s lightweight design supports patient comfort. Levers allow easy assembly and placement of the templates for treatment. The non-metallic materials enable template use in combination with CT and MR imaging.

Convenience through preconfigured templates

A range of preconfigured templates is included in the set, offering the best choice for a particular implant. Each of these template configurations provides a dose distribution according to the Paris dosimetry system.

Intented for:

  •  Interstitial breast brachytherapy


  • CT and MR compatible (all field strengths)
  • The breast CT/MR template can be sterilized using steam sterilization

Kuske Breast Applicator

The Kuske breast applicator was developed in close cooperation with Dr. Robert Kuske. The adjustable template with integrated guiding plate ensures exact placement of needles and OncoSmart catheters or flexible implant tubes. The single large template paired with special hole geometry ensures optimal coverage of the complete target volume. Markers are integrated in the template to aid the imaging procedures and provide the opportunity
to optimize positioning of the template.

Rowland Adjustable Breast Template (RABIT)

The RABIT holder was developed to ensure parallel positioning of the template pairs. The breast template provides a dose distribution according to the Paris dosimetry system. It includes a subset of single, double and triple plane template pairs with different basal distances. This means all target areas can be covered with this template.

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