BIS Module E-BIS

For monitoring the state of the brain in the OR, ICU and procedural sedation locations with the BISx™ platform


  • The E-BIS Module with the BISx digital signal processing unit provides a Bispectral Index™ (BIS™), a continuous processed EEG parameter that correlates to the patient’s level of hypnosis, where 100=awake and 0=flat line EEG.
  • The BISx unit receives, filters, and processes patient EEG signals using bispectral analysis and the BIS algorithm to derive BIS Index values.


Benefits of BIS monitoring

Use of the Bispectral Index (BIS) in adults and paediatrics may enable clinicians to:

  • Assess the level of consciousness and sedation
  • Titrate anaesthetic drugs to individual patient requirements, and reduce the use of hypnotic anaesthetics
  • Aid in faster and more predictable wake-up and extubation



  • Improved performance in electromyogram (EMG) conditions
  • Enhanced resistance to electrocautery
  • Improved performance in both light and deep states of anaesthesia and sedation
  • Family of sensors available: BIS Quatro sensor, BIS Paediatric sensor, and BIS Extend sensor


Display options

  • BIS information integrated into CARESCAPE™ monitor screens
  • In addition to the BIS, the GE monitors display one channel of raw EEG waveform, Suppression Ratio (SR), Signal Quality Index (SQI) and Electromyography (EMG)
  • Trending of BIS values, EMG and SR for up to 24 hours in anaesthesia and 72 hours in critical care

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