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B155M Patient Monitor

Powering your performance


B105M/B125M/B155M patient monitors deliver premium clinical performance across care areas. These scalable, precise, dependable monitors with intuitive design are available in choice of 10, 12 or 15 inch touch screen displays.


Advanced capabilities


B1x5M range of monitors can be deployed seamlessly across a variety of care settings:


  • EK-Pro v14 ECG 4-lead simultaneous arrhythmia analysis
  • DINAMAP™ SuperSTAT non-invasive blood pressure measurement
  • Choice of SpO2 technologies: GE TruSignal™, Masimo SETR or Nellcor™ OxiMax
  • GE EtCO2 sidestream measurement, anesthetic agents and cardiac output
  • Entropy™ monitoring* for monitoring the state of the brain
  • NMT for neuromuscular transmission blockade and reversal monitoring
  • Connectivity to GE CARESCAPE™ networks
  • Flexibility to share parameter modules and accessories with CARESCAPE monitors


Intuitive design. Uninterrupted workflow.


  • 12 waveforms to view all required parameter waveforms simultaneously
  • Bed to Bed communication and Automatic view on alarm (AVOA) to review remote patient monitoring data
  • Roving functionality for seamless transition of the monitor from one bedside to another within the CARESCAPE Network
  • InSite™ Remote Service platform for remote troubleshooting
  • National Early Warning Score (NEWS) for timely intervention\


Integrated technology


Each monitor can be connected to your GE ecosystem, reducing costs. Advanced servicing capabilities simplifies and speeds up platform life cycle management. Investing in a connected and foward looking solution is a key consideration!


  • Capacitive touchscreen monitor tested for up to one million operations
  • Follow FDA draft guidelines for cyber security
  • Simulated for 10.950 times of cleaning activity


Tough for demanding duty. Secure for a cyber world.


  • Follows FDA draft guidance for cyber security in medical devices
  • An ECG filter delivers enhanced signal performance in noisy areas
  • With High Capacity battery: >4 hrs1
  • Tested with the EMC 4th Edition standard
  • Water resistant with IP22 standards


Scalable platform*


Its modular capabilities combined with a wide range of clinical parameters will ensure the flexibility expected from a monitor when used in various care areas.


  • Care area specific pre-configured workflow settings
  • Specialized modules and Second frame to expand into specific care area needs
  • Dedicated mounting solutions for improved usability and comfort



CARESCAPE B450 Patient Monitor


Carestation 650/C ( 600 series)


CARESCAPE B650 Patient Monitor


Entropy module, E-ENTROPY

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