ApexPro Telemetry System

Expanding the power of telemetry

Telemetry is an important technology in today’s healthcare environment. With patient care and outcomes among your primary concerns, the GE Healthcare ApexPro™ telemetry system delivers exceptional reliability and clinical technology to help reduce the possibility of transmission interference, dropout and downtime.


ApexPro offers an expansive and scalable telemetry option designed to support large healthcare enterprises. ApexPro integrates with CARESCAPE™ Enterprise Access, GE’s distributed antenna system solution. This powerful combination provides a coverage area of up to 1.2 million square feet, enabling you to monitor up to 640 patients across the enterprise.


The ApexPro Telemetry Receiver System is the most powerful telemetry solution available for your long-term patient-handling-capacities issues… in a surprisingly small package.


Easy expansion of patient handling capacities

The new space-saving design means that the ApexPro receiver system can be conveniently mounted to a standard network equipment rack or shelf. Configuration allows up to four quad receiver modules, for a total of 16 multi-channel telemetry receivers in one compact unit. The flexibility to add quads with four receiver channels allows the system to grow with the number of patients which are monitored telemetrically.


The multi-channel receivers are admitted through the CARESCAPE Central Station. There the telemetry data is processed, stored and displayed. The telemetrically acquired ECG-data can also be displayed at a bedside monitor. The use of LAN data transfer technology allows the receiver system to be located virtually anywhere within the hospital. LED displays offer quick, easy assessment of on-line status while diagnostic ports speed troubleshooting.

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