ABL800 FLEX PLUS – Fluid Type Analyser

The ABL800 FLEX PLUS blood gas analyser allows you to measure a full panel of up to 18 STAT parameters on the same blood sample. This supports fast diagnosis of critically ill patients.



  • pH | pCO2 | pO2 | sO2 | ctHb | FO2Hb | FCOHb | FMetHb | FHHb | FHbF | cK+ | cNa+ | cCa2+ | cCl- | cGlu | cLac | and derived parameters
  • CREA *** optional extra

Ease of use:

  • With its simple and user-friendly procedures 97% of current users are completely satisfied with the analyser

High throughput:

  • Ideal for high-volume departments, the analyser provides accuracy at a throughput up to 250 samples per day

Fast results & always ready:

  • 80-150 seconds to results for 18 parameters
  • High uptime of more than 22 hours per day
  • Throughput of 24 samples per hour

Small sample volume:

  • Dedicated 95uL micro-mode measurement for capillary tube samples
  • Less than 80 seconds to results on all parameters with a sample of 195uL & 95uL for standard syringes and capillary tubes

Complete Flexibility: 

  • Since 2004 the ABL800 FLEX PLUS Analyser has provided results with a high analytical performance
  • Ease of use to everyone from laboratory managers to daily operators
  • Highly responsive tablet-like interaction screen, intuitive user interface with advanced help function
  • Syringe, capillary and test tube without adapter

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    Address MSI Business Park, 68 Rigger Road,
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